ToxNews Update, December Edition

Looking to fill your holiday season with cheer…well what better way then to give your ears the present of Willie and Nick with the December Edition of the ToxNews Update! As usual they cover all your hard hitting toxicology news for the month of December along with some fascinating details about Willie’s heroic squirrel rescue. Nick also sat down with Paul Wax to chat about his role with the American College of Clinical Toxicology. So fill your glass with egg nog, your tree with lights, and your Podcast feed with the December Edition of the ToxNews Update!

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ToxNews Update, November Edition

After an October hiatus (Willie is very afraid of ghosts, werewolves, Almond Joy bars, etc. and spends the whole month in hiding) Willie and Nick are back just in time for the holidays! As usual they will cover all the important Toxicology news for the month of November. This month Nick also sat down with Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt from UT Southwestern to talk about his incorporation of caring for pregnant patients with substance use disorders into his Medical Toxicology practice. So grab a big cozy blanket, light a nice warm fire (make sure that CO detector is plugged in!), and sip on a delicious PSL (while you still can!!) as you enjoy our November Edition of the ToxNews Update.


ToxNews Update, September Edition

Fall is in the air…the leaves are starting to change, Willie is sipping a pumpkin spice latte, Nick is wearing Ugg boots…what better way to celebrate the crisp fall air than with the melodic tones of the ToxNews Update Podcast. Willie and Nick get you ready for the month of September with all of your important Toxicology related news. They also take some time to sit down with Dr. William Banner, President of the AAPCC to chat about his role with the organization and some exciting new projects on the horizon. So sit back, enjoy that pumpkin [insert any product name here], and enjoy the show!

ToxNews Update, August Edition

635971335256100420861171312_summer-1Nick and Willie are back with another exciting edition of the ToxNews Update. While many folks were out lounging on the beach (including Willie) others were hard at work (that’s Nick) getting some stellar content ready for August. Since one interview worked so well, they decided to give two a try! Both Dr. Chuck McKay and Dr. Mike Holland provide some insight into ACMT and the upcoming forensics course this December. Even Nick’s dog Bander stops by for a quick visit!


ToxNews Update, July Edition

Nick and Willie are back with another edition of the ToxNews update, and this episode is coming to your ears with a bang! They will dazzle you with exciting updates from all of your favorite organizations…you’ll ooh and aah at all the new content, and for their grand finale they interview Dr. Sophie Gosselin about the International Clinical Toxicology Recommendations Collaborative in their first ever interview segment!

Enjoy the show!

ToxNews Update, May Edition

With Nick out on paternity leave Willie tackles the May update unsupervised! Tune in as he unveils an exciting new relationship between ACMT and ALiEM, plugs the upcoming EAPCCT meeting in Basel, Switzerland, and highlights some important developments in the toxicology literature.


ToxNews Update April Edition

Willie and Nick bring you all of the Toxicology highlights for April. They discuss ACMT’s new statement on brain-death and wonder whether their podcast is contributing to this population. They also go global and introduce the newest addition to the podcast, updates from the EAPCCT! Enjoy the show!flat,800x800,070,f.u1

ToxNews Update, the first edition

Willie and Nick bring you all things AACT, ACMT, and AAPCC related for March. They also ponder the assassination of Kim Jong Nam and hashtags.

Hello loyal (well hopefully soon to be loyal) listeners…welcome to the ToxNews Update!

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If you answered yes to any of those then our show is for you! This is your one stop shop for all things Toxicology related. In the time it takes to scramble some eggs, drive to work, or master the art of twisting a balloon animal dog you can stay abreast with all things AACT, ACMT, and AAPCC related. We hope you enjoy the show, and if you do please subscribe and leave a rating or review in iTunes. These help others to discover the show too!